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- Aug 2022 : Wil's paper was published at RA-L.

I coauthored a paper with Wil and Jon that presents Task and Motion Informed Trees (TMIT*), an integrated task and motion planning algorithm. TMIT* combines AIT* with PLANET to improve performance when high-level tasks, such as sorting potentially stacked objects, require reasoning about the order in which path-planning problems are to be executed.

- Jan 2022 : I started as a postdoc at NASA/JPL.

I accepted a position as a postdoctoral researcher at NASA/JPL. I'm part of the autonomy team for a snake-like robot called EELS that is being built to explore alien worlds. My work focuses on coming up with path planning and control approaches for EELS and includes contributing to the corresponding modules in its C++ autonomy stack.

- Jan 2022 : I passed my viva at the University of Oxford!

I passed my viva (Ph.D. defense) at the University of Oxford. There are umpteen people to thank. Here I just want to thank Jon for letting me stand on his shoulders these past three years and Nick and Wheeler for their time and constructive criticism. It is sincerely appreciated!

- Nov 2021 : The journal paper on AIT* & EIT* was accepted at IJRR.

My first journal paper got accepted at IJRR. AIT* and EIT* improve planning performance by leveraging multiple sources of information with an asymmetric bidirectional search. The paper will be published in 2022 but you can already find a preprint on arxiv and a high-level presentation of it on youtube.

- Apr 2021 : I wrote about heuristics for obstacle clearance.

Obstacle clearance in search space is an important optimization objective in path planning because it can result in safe paths. This technical report presents admissible heuristics that can improve planning performance when optimizing this objective. You can find the report on arxiv.

- Sep 2020 : Jon's survey was accepted at ARCRAS.

I assisted Jon in surveying the field of asymptotically optimal sampling-based path planning algorithms for an invited paper in the Annual Review of Controls, Robotics, and Autonomous Systems. The paper will be published in 2021, but you can find a preprint of it on arxiv.

- Aug 2020 : Mike's paper was accepted at IROS.

I coauthored a paper that presents the autonomy system used on Axel during the field trial last summer. The autonomy system includes a stability analysis that predicts the interaction of Axel's tether with the terrain. My main contribution was to describe how we adapted ABIT* to work with Axel's tether-induced non-Markovian states. You can find an open-access version of it on the ESP website.

- Feb 2020 : Adaptively Informed Trees (AIT*) was accepted at ICRA.

My second paper got accepted at ICRA. AIT* improves planning performance with an asymmetric bidirectional search in which both searches continuously inform each other with complementary information. You can find the AIT* paper on arxiv and a high-level presentation of it on youtube.

- Feb 2020 : Advanced BIT* (ABIT*) was accepted at ICRA.

My first paper got accepted at ICRA. ABIT* leverages advanced graph-search techniques, such as inflation and truncation, in sampling-based path planning. This is the algorithm we tested last summer. You can find the ABIT* paper on arxiv a high-level presentation of it on youtube.

- Jul 2019 : We went on a NASA/JPL field trial in California.

Jon and I had the chance to join the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) on a field trial for Axel in the Mojave Desert. We tested new path planning techniques and supported the team at JPL in running science and autonomy experiments.

- Sep 2018 : I started my Ph.D. at the University of Oxford.

I've joined Jon's Estimation, Search, and Planning Group at the Oxford Robotics Institute to work on path planning for complex systems.

- Jan 2018 : We rowed across the Atlantic!

Swiss Mocean got third place in the 2017 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge and became the first Swiss fours to row any ocean. It took us 30 days, 4 hours, and 59 minutes to row from the Canaries to the Caribbean Islands. If your IP is from Switzerland, you can watch a professionally produced documentary about the project here. It's in Swiss German, but there's also a version of it with English subtitles on youtube.